Nikki | Something A Little Different


Yep.  That’s exactly what it is.  Something amazing and different and fun!

This is Nikki.  She’s the dear sweetheart who helped assist on my sister’s session last October, and I owed her big for helping out at the last second.  What better to pay her back with than her very own session?

Oh, and the animal is none other than her handsome mule, Porter.  Yeah, that’s right, he’s a mule.  I had to look a couple of times.  The ears finally gave it away.  😉  Ah, and I suppose I should mention the dapper young gentleman is her husband.  So yeah, I guess you could call this a family session!  Nikki got to have her hair and makeup done by Looks By Diana, which had to of been quite a treat!

And now I’m going to bed.  Goodnight!