Ammon & Brittany | Together Forever | Logan Temple


So you’ll notice on this post that I did something kinda new. I did a wedding! Well, part of one anyway.

I don’t really do weddings… mainly because it’s not really my thing. Personally, I think there are other photographers out there that are better at it, and probably love the gig more than I do, so I have no problem excluding those from my portfolio. The thing is, I’ve done them before in the past when I worked for another photography studio, and they just drained me! They’re not like any other session where you set aside a couple hours and have complete control over posing and lighting and location. I always felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants, feeling twitchy and trigger-happy/manic, and always in a panic that I would miss an important moment and it would be gone forever. Yeah, I REALLY don’t have any problem letting other professionals soak up all that business. Maybe someday I’ll open up my business to weddings, but it won’t be fore a while.

However, that being said, I love being able to share my talents with others, especially when I can use them as a form of service. Ammon and his family have been dear friends of mine for, oh geez, like the past 10 years. Any my deal with weddings is, if you’re family, or like family, I will gift you free photography for your wedding. Weddings are expensive enough and I feel like if I can help my loved ones cut expenses, especially poor newly-weds, then I am happy to offer my services.

So, both Ammon and Brittany are from Montana. Why did they get married at the Logan Temple? They’re answer: “It looks like a castle.” Fair enough. Oh, and Ammon’s grandparents (I think) were married there. Well, whatever the reason, I’m happy that we had a break in the crazy storm weather we had these past couple of days for their Together Forever session. I had no idea if it would be pouring rain on us or not. We lucked out! As soon as I drove up to the temple the clouds parted ways as if to say, “Here you go. You have a couple hours. Don’t waste them!”

I hope you love how these images turned out, Ammon & Brittany! May your marriage have many laughs, smiles, and castles!